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Nigerian man cautions his future wife not to bother kneeling to serve him food on their wedding day if she will not continue doing so after their wedding

A Nigerian man has cautioned his future wife not to kneel to serve him food on the day of their traditional wedding if she won’t keep up the practice after they are married.   Chiarika Williams wrote on Facebook: “Dear wife, if you will not kneel down to serve me food after marriage, please don’t […]

Appeal Court upholds death sentence for retired NNPC staff, Godwin Elewana who killed his daughter’s boyfriend in 2015

The Court of Appeal in Cross River State, has affirmed the death sentence by hanging of one Godwin Elewana, a retired staff of NNPC, for shooting to death, a 22-year old, Douglas Ojugbo, in 2015.   Elewana who shot and killed Douglas Ojugbo whom he suspected was having an affair with his daughter, Mercy, on March 10, 2015, was sentenced to death […]

Outrage as “Ph.D holder” from the north says “it will be absurd to say that a girl of 16 is a child bride”

A man claiming to be a Ph.D holder has caused outrage after he defended child marriage by saying 16-year-old girls cannot be considered child brides because of “modernization”, “lifestyle” and “the type of food we eat.”   Mustapha Mohammad tweeted: “With the advent of modernization and the lifestyle we live, not forgetting to mention the type […]