Mehek 21st July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Mehek 21st July 2019 Written Episode Updates 1

Mehek 21st July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Niki calls her mysterious partner and lets him listen what is going on.
Niki says Mahek you are making me stuck with Shaurya more, Karona asks Mahek to think again, Mahek says my decision wont change. I cant forget that Niki could lose her life because me, not everyone is expert in everything, first rats came in restaurant and now this fire broke out under my supervision, shaurya and Niki understands business so they should handle it and I can focus on my cooking only, my decision is final.

Niki thinks that now their bad time starts, Shaurya will curse himself for marrying you Mahek. Niki is about to sign restaurant papers but Shaurya stops her, he takes papers from her and tears them infront of Mahek, Mahek is stunned. Niki glares at him.

Mahek says what you did Shaurya? Shaurya says what you think that I will let you become great Mahek again? if there was fault in wiring then its not only your fault, it was fault of all of us so why you should bear punishment only?

Niki is right that you dont have experience but I checked wiring and whole restaurant’s wiring had fault so you dont have to take punishment alone to become great again, Niki am I not right?

Niki says yes I was thinking that Mahek is taking wrong step by giving restaurant away. Mahek looks at Shaurya in tears, she hugs him tightly and says I didnt do all this to become great or to bear punishment, I was feeling really bad that restaurant got burnt because of me and I wanted to the right thing.

Shaurya hugs her again. Vicky says so its decided that Mahek is boss of everyone. Shaurya asks lawyer when will they get license? lawyer says we have to do meeting with FDA.

Mahek says what to do now Shaurya? Shaurya says you just take rest, I will handle everything, you just keep smiling, they lovingly look at each other.

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