Mehek 25th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Mehek 25th July 2019 Written Episode Updates 1

Mehek 25th July 2019 Written Episode Updates


Ajay and Rohit plays music in Sharma house and push women of the house away. Ravi and Jeevan buys old bicycles. Ravi says to Jeevan lets have race like old days. Kanta calls Ravi but he doesnt listen.

Kanta calls Jeevan, he takes call. Kanta tries to tell him that Rohit and Ajay are in house but loud music is playing, she shouts that they have come in house, Jeevan says dont worry we are coming,they start running on cycles.

In Sharma house, family is distraught seeing Rohit and Ajay destroying everything with their friends. They throws things here and there. Ajay locks Balwant and Harish in room.

Ajay says to women that what happened to your women power? girls like you should be crushed under our feet, we will show your standard, he says this friends that lets have party with these ladies.

They starts throwing things on women of house. Rohit comes to Kanta and asks her to drink wine, Kanta says go and make your mother drink, Rohit forces her to drink but Mahek pushes him away.

Updated: July 21, 2019 — 8:03 pm

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