Mehek 28th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Mehek 28th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Kanta takes fire torch from Mahek’s hand. Ajay and Rohit jumps out of house. Ravi sees them and grabs Rohit, he attacks them but Ajay pushes him away. Jeevan is shouting to open door.

Kanta says from inside that you have the key, Mahek threw it outside, it must be on ground. Jeevan finds key and throws it inside. Ajay and Jeevan pushes Ravi away and leaves.

Kanta opens door with key, Ravi and Jeevan are tensed. Ajay says to Pammi that Mahek was about to burn me, Pammi says how dare she? I will burn her alive. Nikki comes there and says your son is a fool.

Pammi says why you are cursing my son? nikki says I will throw you people out if you dont behave, I have thrown Shaurya out of investor’s office and I will soon throw Sharma family out of house.

Ajay says you have done such good work, I will hug you, Nikki says you are smelling like kerosene, she pushes Ajay away, Ajay falls down, Nikki leaves.

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