The Heir 31st July 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Heir 31st July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Sukhi goes home and says I want to have icecream. Jagan calls him mad. Sukhi cries and says Mannu and Raj are going. Raavi says he fooled you, he has no money. Sukhi says no, Raj’s Papa is getting icecreams for them, everyone will go there. Jagan says who told this to you. Sukhi says I have seen Mannu and Raj talking, they said just family is going and I can’t come. Jagan asks Sushila did she hear this. Sushila says no, I can’t believe that Harjeet and Amba can unite. Jagan says we will go and see, its small thing. Sushila says I think Mannu is fooling you, have rest, take this lassi, there is nothing, trust me.
Harjeet asks Raj why did you get me here. Raj shows the piggy bank and says I have saved money in this and want to buy something for my hero. Harjeet asks which hero. Raj says you are my hero, I have seen a beautiful pagdi for you, Mannu’s Papa’s Kalgi is on it, it will suit you, I want to show my hero to everyone. Harjeet gets pleased and asks do you want something. Raj says no, I came here with you for the first time, I don’t want anything else.
Harjeet lifts him and drops him down the car. Amba asks Mannu why did you get us here. Mannu sees Raj and Harjeet coming. He says you said yes for our plan. She asks what plan. He thinks it will be in trouble if Jagan does not come.
Sushila says Mannu is fooling me. Jagan asks her to understand. Mannu asks Amba are you ready. She asks what are you doing. Mannu puts her dupatta inside the sugarcane juice machine and asks Amba to shout for help. She says I can get this out myself. He asks her to shout. Amba shouts for help as Mannu and Simran ask her to shout. Harjeet sees Amba. Mannu signs other man not to help Amba. Sushila and Jagan come there and see them. The man greets Jagan and asks what happened, shall I help.
Harjeet says mad Pavaniyas. Mannu says someone help. Is there no man in this pind? Raj says my dad is hero, he does not want to stain hand by helping Pavaniya, there is no one better than him. Mannu says people have to help others to become man. Harjeet says stop it and goes to help Amba. Harjeet stops the machine and holds Amba’s dupatta to pull it out of the machine. Jagan and Sushila look on.
Sushila says how can this happen. Mannu says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Amba says lets go home. Mannu makes her fall. Harjeet holds her hand. Harjeet and Amba see each other. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Amba sees the Kalgi on Harjeet’s Pagdi. Mannu signs Raj. They both smile.
Amba goes with Mannu and Simran. Simran asks Amba to turn back and see Harjeet. Amba refuses. Mannu asks Amba to see atleast Raj, Harjeet has lifted him for the first time. Amba turns and sees Raj. Harjeet also turns and sees her. Sushila and Jagan get shocked. Amba says what are you guys making me do. The Heir 31 July 2019 Update – Zee World
Jagan says how dare Harjeet did this. Sushila asks him to call Amba back home. Amba leaves. Jagan stops Amba and says you showed your status, is there any shame or not, you are doing this with Harjeet in the middle of the market. Mannu thinks I did not think that, what will mummy do if Jagan reacts like this. Amba says why are you having a problem, its happening which you told the entire village, I have nothing to lose, you have made me reach this place, I will do anything to raise my children, you have no right to say in between. Mannu says you can’t talk to my mummy like this, our relations ended after you made us leave from the house, you don’t have signing authority too, if you want that rights, call panchayat and say anything you want. Jagan fumes.
Sushila asks Mannu to take Amba home. She leaves with Jagan. Mannu and Simran take Amba. Amba cries on the way. Mannu asks why are you crying, you showed much courage. Amba says I did not see anyone except your Papa, and today I had to do this in the middle of the market. Mannu says Papa is seeing everything, he would be glad seeing we know to fight for our rights. She says promise me, you will get Charan’s Kalgi and my respect back. Mannu promises.
Mannu and Raj meet and have a talk. Raj says you asked me to win Papa’s trust, he took me out to market and gave me support by love, I m feeling good to stay with him, its because of you. He cries. He says now we will think next plan, I think my Papa should get letter from your mummy. Mannu says yes, I will write it, mummy won’t write. Mannu writes letter. Raj reads the letter. Raj says you had to write letter, you wrote essay on market. Mannu says mummy went to market, so I wrote it. Raj says this is wrong. Mannu says you write and show.
Raj says I can’t write. Mannu says what to do now. Raj says Raman can help you. Raman does shayari. Mannu and Raj hold heads. Raj asks will aunty write this for Papa. Raman says I can write like this, I can’t write as a girl. Mannu gets an idea. Simran does shayari. Raman asks does your car gets stuck at friendship, do you want to go ahead or not, I helped you a lot, you just see friendship. Mannu says uncle helped mummy once. Raman says I mean letter is not written like that.
Simran says we are not getting marks in class for this. They argue. Raman asks all of them to stop it. Mannu says Harjeet should get this tonight. Raman says fine. Mannu says I will go and find Jagan’s truth, to take injection bottle, we will get all answers. Doctor says Bebe is recovering, if you don’t give her injection, she will get conscious, and overdose can be harmful to her life, I will send medicines tomorrow. Jagan pays him money. Doctor goes.
The Heir 31 July 2019 Update – Zee World
Sushila asks Jagan why does he not end Bebe’s pain at once, end the matter, she will not wake up and say truth. Jagan gets shocked. She asks why did you keep her in this state, if she dies, Amba will get blame, she will be punished, think of it. Jagan gets angry and says Sasu ji, Bebe is my mum. She laughs and says you joke well, when you pushed her, she would have died, did you not think she is your mum, why are you getting mad now. Jagan says I love my Bebe a lot.
Jagan says Bebe is very ethical, she made Charan as Shah, knowing I m suitable to become Shah, I did not say anything, what did she do, she insulted me infront of Amba, and made me apologize, she made me servant that day. He holds Bebe’s hand and says now you have to get up when I have Shah Pagdi on my forehead, she has to get up on right time. He says I will not let her die and laughs. Sushila laughs and says you are not suitable to become Shah. He gets angry. She laughs on him and says did you get annoyed, I m saying truth, you are dreaming to become Shah, forget this, 7 year old kid is fooling you. He says Amba and Harjeet were there in market, did you not see. She says we have seen what Mannu wanted to show us.
She explains him and says think, Amba was doing such shameless thing when you blamed her, you know Amba well, you got fooled. He says agreed, what you are saying is right, shall I neglect what I have seen, is there any way to find truth. She says Harjeet gave statement in panchayat in your favor in my saying, he will not shake hands with Amba, he will not take woman’s support, I have an idea. She says I will take food for Amba, the children will fall ill, they have no money for medicine, either Harjeet will run to help her, else she will come to take our help and accept that she has no relation with Harjeet, truth will come out any way.
Sushila cooks food for Amba and her children to make them ill. Mannu comes there. Jagan sees a shadow and turns to see. He says I felt someone has passed by hiding. Mannu goes to Bebe’s room and takes medicine bottle. Bebe holds Mannu’s hand. Mannu gets shocked. Jagan comes that way. Mannu cries and takes hand away. He hides.
Jagan comes inside room and gets shocked seeing medicine bottle gone. He calls Sushila and asks her about the injection bottle. Mannu hides under the bed. Sushila asks why are you shouting. He asks about the medicine, its not here, I told you someone came, Raavi shut door and windows, Mannu is here. Sushila says calm down. Jagan says if I don’t get the medicine, I will kill Amba and her family, Mannu did this. Mannu keeps bottle. Sushila says see its there near your feet, I told you.
Jagan laughs and says you say we are seeing what he is seeing, I told you I want the medicine, see how it came near my feet, how did this happen. I will show you, it happened because Mannu is hiding here. He looks under bed and does not see Mannu. Sushila says you are seeing his ghost, where is he. Mannu jumps down the balcony and runs.
Swaroop scolds Raman for getting mad after Simran. Raj comes there. Swaroop explains Raman that they can never get friendly with Pavnaniyas. She leaves. Raj tells Raman that plan will get spoiled if you don’t give letter to Papa ji.
Amba asks Mannu does he really feel Bebe is unwell by that medicine. Mannu says yes, I was getting medicine today, we could have given it for tests, but Jagan came. Sushila comes there with tiffin and says Amba and Mannu will not get saved by my plan, truth will come out. Amba says Sushila can’t do anything, we have to get that medicine tested soon.
Sushila comes to them and they get shocked. Sushila says she got tiffin for them. Mannu goes and hugs Sushila, saying you are so good and take care of us. He says I don’t want Jagan to scold you, if he knows you got food for us, he will scold you. Sushila says no, keep it, he will not know. Mannu refuses. She asks him to take it. Gunjan shouts to Mannu, and asks why are you refusing to Sushila. Sushila asks Amba to keep food, if Bajwas sent food once, its not necessary they send food every day, you should not believe enemies.
She says I know you told that to Jagan in worry, its not true. Gunjan takes tiffin from Sushila and says we all will eat. Mannu says no. Gunjan says I will eat the food. She sits to have food. Mannu says Raj will get food. Sushila asks Amba is this true. Gunjan tells Amba about the food. Mannu runs to stop Gunjan. Gunjan shouts stop it, we know nothing will come from Bajwas, we are dying here by hunger, you are stopping us, let me eat food. Sushila smiles. Swaroop comes and stops Gunjan. Sushila gets shocked seeing Swaroop. Swaroop says sorry kids, I got late, see I got food for you. Amba and Mannu get shocked.

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