March 4, 2021

Why Modest Goals Are So Appealing

ViPZE is a global online social network providing an income opportunity from 3 very lucrative...

ViPZE is a global online social network providing an income opportunity from 3 very lucrative industries; social networking, online advertising and digital communications. They are generally eligible for COBRA, which allows them to keep their previous insurance but requires them to pay for the full cost of it, without their previous employer’s contributions. Normally, people have 60 days after they lose their jobs to sign up for COBRA, but the federal government has extended that window until after the “national emergency” of COVID-19 ends. People who don’t choose COBRA right away can sign up for it later, if they have medical problems, and get coverage for medical issues that already occurred. In addition to attracting talented employees to work at their organizations, leaders develop their workers and align them with projects that match their strengths. Another component of this characteristic is the ability to communicate and share a vision with team members until they work to fulfill the vision. Wharton’s April 25, 2001 What Makes a Good Entrepreneurial Leader, Ask a Middle Manager” article says that, to build commitment among team members to achieve a vision, good entrepreneurial leaders, Promote a willingness among employees to work toward a common goal, in the sense of traditional, motivating team-building.” Leaders may do this by holding team brainstorming sessions, soliciting ideas and openly acknowledging worker contributions and achievements, especially contributions and achievements that are in line with the company’s vision. Marketing campaigns helped further this demand by leaning heavily into the idea that using disposables freed women from the “oppressive old ways”, making them “modern and efficient”. Of course, the profit incentives were considerable. Disposables locked women into a cycle of monthly purchases that would last for several decades. Under the Bush Administration, the TARP program is announced. It’s a 700 billion dollar program to bail out the financial markets. But the people who made great money for banks and savings and loans have to get their bonuses. So they get paid. In the mean time the economy is going down the tubes. Companies that used to get short term loans from the banks to run their business can no longer get them. So they close their doors. It is not just another card for a specific purpose. In the larger context, it can be used in the future for many purposes including banking, identification, to avail other government schemes. Funny you mentioned writing a book and not just an article; I have considered that but writing hubs is much more fun. You can get almost immediate feedback. You can choose to deal with life and health insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, etc. Auto insurance is perhaps the easiest to sell but not as lucrative as life insurance.